CONTEXTUALIZED TEACHER RESOURCE IN MATHEMATICS 4: Multiplying Number Up to Three-Digit Numbers by Up to Two-Digit Numbers Without or With Regrouping

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Published on 2018 October 30th

Contextualized Teacher Resource in Mathematics 4 help teacher demonstrates an understanding of multiplication and division of whole numbers including money. (Related Learner Resource ID: 14218)
At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to multiply numbers up to 3-digit numbers by up to 2-digit numbers without or with regrouping.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4
Numbers and Number Sense
Creates problems(with
reasonable answers) involving
multiplication or with addition
or subtraction of whole
numbers including money. Creates problems involving
division without or with any
other operations of whole
numbers including money,
with reasonable answers

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