Motion, Information and Media

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Published on 2022 April 21st

This Learning Resource is a project of the Learning Resource Management and Development Unit, Curriculum Implementation Division, Schools Division of Kalinga. This material which was developed by Shalili Fritzy N. Dalanao of Rizal National School of Arts and Trades is intended for Grade 12 learners in response to the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum. It aims to help them master the nature of Media and Information Literacy specifically in describing the different dimensions of motion information and media.
a) Identify the different types of motion content.
b) Describe the purposes of motion media and information.
c) Analyze the design principles and elements used in a given motion media.
d) Critique the effectiveness of motion information.

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K to 12
Grade 12
Motion Information and Media
Describes the different dimensions of motion information and media

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Shalili Fritzy Dalanao (shalilifritz.dalanao188) - Rizal National School of Arts & Trades, Kalinga, CAR
Department of Education - Schools Division of Kalinga
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