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Published on 2021 May 18th

We have an "Awaken Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of our health today. When speaking about health, we need to broaden our parameters and define health in a way that includes the social factors. This story is intended for Grade 10 learners. It focuses on the significant effects of following certain rules on safety protocols, analyses and its impact to our health.
1. Explains the significance of the existing health-related laws in safeguarding people’s health.
2. Critically analyzes the impact of current health trends, issues, and concerns
3. Recommends ways of managing health issues, trends, and concerns

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Health Trends Issues and Concerns Global Level
Educators, Learners
Recommends ways of adopting global health initiatives to local or national context

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WENDY TINGSON (wendytingson) - Ramon Torres NHS, Bago City, Region VI - Western Visayas
Wendy A. Tingson
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