Distinguishing Writing Patterns: Narration, Description, Definition, Exemplification

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Published on 2021 April 14th

This Activity Sheets is Quarter 3, Week 2 intended for Grade 11 learners. The learning competency is to distinguish between and among patterns of development in writing across disciplines (narration, description, definition, exemplification/ classification)

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11
Text and Context Connections (Critical Reading) Purposeful Writing in the Disciplines and for Professions
Explains how one’s purpose is a crucial consideration
in academic and professional writing Identifies the unique features of and requirements in
composing texts that are useful across disciplines
a. book review or article critique
b. literature review
c. research report
d. project proposal
e. position paper Identifies the unique features of and requirements in
composing professional correspondence
a. resume
b. application for college admission
c. application for employment
d. various forms of office correspondence

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