EASE Module 4 Optical Instruments

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Published on 2011 June 16th

This module explains application of the properties of light to some common optical instruments, the different eye defects, and how lenses correct these defects.
After going through the module you are expected to:
1. identify the parts of a human eye;
2. discuss the different eye defects and how lenses correct these defects;
3. compare the similarities and differences between the principle of the camera and the human eye;
4. show using ray diagrams how images are formed in a telescope and a microscope; and
5. explain the principle of a hologram.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Force Motion and Energy
Learners, Students
Apply ray diagramming techniques in describing the characteristics and positions of images formed by lenses Identify ways in which the properties of mirrors and lenses determine their use in optical instruments eg cameras and binoculars

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