EASE Module 5 Geometry of Shape and Size

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Published on 2011 March 8th

This module is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in defining and determining the different formulas of getting the perimeter of various polygons as well as the circumference of a circle.
1. to recall the different plane figures and their properties which are commonly used in geometry

2. to name the properties of the sides of different polygons

3. to define perimeter and determine the different formulas of getting the perimeter of the different polygons

4. to define a circle
5. to identify the lines and segments associated with circles

6. to define circumference of a circle and determine the formula for getting the circumference of the circle

7. to use the formulas for finding perimeter and circumference in solving real life problems

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K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 5
Learners, Students
Describe different spatial figures

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