Properties of molecules based on Intermolecular force of attraction: Physical states and its solubility

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Published on 2020 June 1st

Detailed Lesson Plan, Activity Sheet and Teacher’s Guide
1. Explore the relevance of the periodic table about the possible interactions/reactions of the elements to one another.
2. Conduct the experiment about the solubility and physical states of molecules that relates to the intermolecular force of attraction.
3. Differentiate hydrophilic and hydrophobic in amphipathic molecules example.
4. Discuss the other properties of molecules based on intermolecular force of attractions

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
How the properties of matter relate to their chemical structure
Educators, Learners
Give the type of intermolecular
forces in the properties of
substances Explain the effect of
intermolecular forces on the
properties of substances

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