Kindergarten - May Hiwaga sa Bente Pesos

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Published on 2020 February 6th

Knowing the effects of saving money even if it’s a small amount.

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K to 12
E. Mathematics (M) : Number and Number Sense (NNS)
Rote count up to 20 Count objects with one-to-one correspondence up to quantities of 10 Compare two groups of objects to decide which is more or less, or if they are equal (identify sets with one more or one less element ) Recognize and identify numerals 0 to 10 Match numerals to a set of concrete objects from 0 to 10 Identify the number that comes before, after, or in between Arrange three numbers from least to greatest/ greatest to least Identify the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, up to 10th object in a given set Recognize the words “put together,” “add to,” and “in all” that indicate the act of adding whole numbers Recognize the words “take away,” “less,” and “are left” that indicate the act of subtracting whole numbers Combine elements of two sets using concrete objects to represent the concept of addition Take away a quantity from a given set using concrete objects to represent the concept of subtraction Add quantities up to 10 using concrete objects Subtract quantities up to 10 using concrete objects Use a variety of materials and communicate strategies used to determine answers to addition and subtraction problems listened to Solve simple addition and subtraction number stories (up to quantities of 10) read by the teacher using a variety of ways (e.g., concrete materials, drawings) and describe and explain the strategies used Write addition and subtraction number sentences using concrete representations Recognize and visualize situations that require addition and subtraction Group, represent, and count sets of equal quantity of materials up to 10 (beginning of multiplication) Separate and represent groups of equal quantities using concrete objects up to 10 (beginning division) Divide a whole into two or four equal parts (halves and fourths)

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