K to 12 Senior High School SPORTS Track Specialized Subject – Human Movement Curriculum Guide

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Published on 2019 May 14th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Senior High School TVL Track Specialized Subject – Human Movement for Grade 12

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 12
Fitness, Sports and Recreation Leadership
Practices quality leadership in the conduct of fitness, sports and recreation activities; Administers a pre-participation screening; Explains the different components of an exercise program; Demonstrates safe and effectiveexercise/sports techniques; Uses appropriate cueing, motivation,
instruction, feedback and teaching
techniques in delivering exercise/sports
programs for an individual or group; Monitors exercise intensity for safe and effective fitness performance; Designs a balanced exercise program for an
apparently healthy individual or group; Identifies existing sports and recreation programs (summer camps, sports clinics, etc.); Demonstrates basic knowledge of first aidand/or initial assessment of common injuries; Values the importance of the basic principles and techniques of fitness, sports and recreation instructions and leadership for delivering safe and effective exercise/sports and recreation programs; and Realizes the value of professional ethics, responsibilities, and standards

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