Second Grading Test Materials for Mathematics Grade 3

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Published on 2019 December 17th

This contextualized test material is based on Second Quarter Competencies in Mathematics Grade 3 written in Hiligaynon.
Visualizes multiplication facts for numbers up to 10 (M3NS-IIa41.2)
Multiplies 2-3 digit numbers with and without regrouping (M3NS-IIc43.2) (M3NS-IIc43.3)
- Divides 2- 3 digit numbers by 1-2 digit numbers with and without remainder (M3NS-IIh54.1)

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Numbers and Number Sense
Adds 3- to 4-digit numbers up to three addends with sums up to 10 000 without and with regrouping.

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Latido Sherlyne (SHERLYNE2016) - La Carlota South ES II, La Carlota City, Region VI - Western Visayas
Sherlyne G. Latido - SDO La Carlota City
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