Animals Love Them and Care for Them

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Published on 2011 January 20th

This module will try to make you understand the importance of animals to man. You will be able to learn that they help us in many ways despite the cruelty they sometimes get from man. This module will also demonstrate the proper ways of taking care of animals and protecting them. What do animals need? Let us discover and let us know what we should do to protect them.
After studying this module, you should be able to:
? explain the importance of animals in our daily living;
? identify the different benefits that we get from animals;
? demonstrate the proper care and handling of animals; and
? cite various ways of protecting animals.

Curriculum Information

Sustainable use of resources/productivity
Learners, Students
Identify the common animals in locality Observe different animals in the locality Practice care and concern for animals Tell how to be safe with animals

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