Halina ... Magplano ng Pamilya

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Published on 2019 August 22nd

This manual provides excellent guidance to adolescent, adolescent to intending couples and married couples who want to give his family a better future.
a. Explains different ways of family planning;
b. Read basic phrases and sentences about family planning method;
c. Write a brief and clear narrative about the method of family planning, it’s effects and benefits
d. Understanding the proper way of planning of the family.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Participate in community related projects related to
reproductive health such as information dissemination, e.g.,
immunization, vaccination (polio, dpt, anti-tetanus),
periodic medical check-up, dental treatment, family
planning, nutrition and sanitation campaign, safe water
supply, use of herbal medicine. Discuss the family planning program of the government
through responsible parenthood

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