A&E NFE : Reproductive Health

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Published on 2015 February 23rd

This module is about family health and planning
Identifies basic terms in sexuality (sex, sexuality, gender, etc.)

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K to 12
Grade 8
Family Health I Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders Communicable
Learners, Students
Identifies basic terms in sexuality sex sexuality gender etc Discusses sexuality as an important component of ones personality Explains the dimensions of human sexuality Analyzes the factors that affect ones attitudes and practices related to sexuality and sexual behaviors Assesses personal health attitudes that may influence sexual behavior Relates the importance of sexuality to family health Identifies the different issuesconcerns of teenagers ie identity crisis and the need for support and understanding of the family Applies decisionmaking skills in managing sexualityrelated issues Discusses the stages of infection Analyzes the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the philippines Discusses the signs symptoms and effects of common communicable diseases Corrects misconceptions myths and beliefs about common communicable diseases Enumerates steps in the prevention and control of common communicable diseases Analyzes the nature of emerging and reemerging diseases Demonstrates selfmonitoring skills to prevent communicable diseases Promotes programs and policies to prevent and control communicable diseases Identifies agencies responsible for communicable disease prevention and control

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