Galvanic cells: cell reactions

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Published on 2016 August 29th

Set up different galvanic cells as specified in given conventional cell notations. Find out the type of reaction that can be used in a galvanic cell, the energy change that occurs and how to interpret conventional cell notation. For each cell, observe the reactions at the anode and cathode at both the physical level and the particle level, and determine the half-equations for these reactions. Determine the equation for the net cell reaction. Explain the changes observed. This learning object is one in a series of three learning objects. For offline use, download the compressed file (.rar) and extract using any file extracting software. Open the file index.swf using any freeware swf (swiff) player.
1. Students assemble galvanic cells by following designs specified in conventional cell notation.
2. Students record and explain their observations of changes occurring in galvanic cells.
3. Students use their observations of reactions in galvanic cells to determine the process occurring at electrodes.
4. Students determine half-equations and equations for net cell reactions.

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K to 12
Grade 9, Grade 10
Recognize different types of compounds ionic or covalent based on their properties such as melting point hardness polarity and electrical and thermal conductivity Explain properties of metals in terms of their structure Apply the principles of conservation of mass to chemical reactions

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