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Published on 2010 August 16th

This a learning material (Module). It contains lesson on notions of domain and range, how to sketch graphs of a function, and the characteristics of the graphs of linear functions using the given linear equation. It helps develop skills in stating domain and range in a given function, and applying linear functions to solve problems.
1. to state the domain and range of a given function

2. to construct the graphs of a function described by a table of ordered pairs, and vice versa

3. to identify the different properties of a function such as the intercepts; slope and the trend (decreasing or increasing) from its graph

4. to define the slope of a line

5. to express a linear equation in slope-intercept form

6. to apply linear functions to solve word problems

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K to 12
Grade 8
Patterns and Algebra
Learners, Students
Give the significance of the way graphs relate with each other Examine different possible outcomes illustrated by graphs/equation

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