EASE/OHSP II Module 9: Gas Laws

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This module discusses the properties and four variables of gases,
1. state the meaning associated with the characteristic properties of gases: volume,
pressure, temperature and amount.
2. recognize the following symbols used to describe gases: n, P, R, T, V and STP.
3. explain the interrelationships of pressure, volume and temperature of gases.
4. solve problems involving changes in the condition of the gas using the equations
for Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Combined Gas Law, Gay-Lussac’s Law and Ideal
Gas Law.
5. describe the properties of an ideal gas and recognize the conditions at which
gases behave ideally.
6. describe how gas density is related to pressure, temperature and number of
moles by applying the ideal gas law.

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K to 12
Grade 10
Learners, Students
Investigate the relationship between volume and pressure at constant temperature of a gas volume and temperature at constant pressure of a gas and explains these relationships using the kinetic molecular theory

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