EASE/OHSP Physics Module 17: Electromagnetic Waves and Wireless Communication

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This module discusses the advancement of wireless communication.
1. trace the development of wireless communication.
2. explain how electromagnetic waves are produced.
3. discuss the properties and uses of the different regions of electromagnetic spectrum.
4. describe how radio signals are generated, transmitted and received.
5. explain how radio communication devices like cell phones, radio and TV work.
6. discuss how lasers and fiber optics have improved telecommunication.
7. realize the importance of developments in electronic technology in the transmission
of information.
8. recognize the effect of the information superhighway on the affairs of daily living.

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K to 12
Grade 10
Force Motion and Energy
Learners, Students
Compare the relative wavelengths of different forms of electromagnetic waves Cite examples of practical applications of the different regions of em waves such as the use of radio waves in telecommunications

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