DLM 4 – Module 2: Circular Functions and Trigonometry

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Published on 2014 December 9th

This module is about determining the coordinates of angles in standard position in a unit circle; the six circular functions and finding the six circular functions of special angles.
This module is designed for you to:
1. determine the coordinates of the terminal side of an angle in standard position in a
unit circle
1.1 when one coordinate is given (apply the Pythagorean Theorem and the properties of special right triangles)
1.2 when the angle is of the form:
• 180ºn ± 30º
• 180ºn ± 60º
• 180ºn ± 45º
• 90ºn
2. define the six circular functions
• sine
• cosine
• tangent
• cotangent
• secant
• cosecant
3. find the six circular functions of angles with special values

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K to 12
Grade 9
Learners, Students
Illustrates the six trigonometric ratios sine cosine tangent secant cosecant and cotangent

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