EASE/OHSP Module 11: Work, Energy, Power, and Machines

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Published on 2014 December 9th

This module is about work, power, and energy.
1. define work in a scientific sense.
2. calculate the work done by a force that moves an object through a certain displacement.
3. show that doing work on a body increases its energy.
4. distinguish between kinetic and potential energy.
5. calculate the kinetic energy and the potential energy of a free falling object.
6. show that mechanical energy of a free falling body is conserved.
7. identify some sources of energy.
8. show how simple machines like lever and inclined plane help us do work.
9. distinguish between ideal and actual mechanical advantages of machines.
10. calculate the mechanical advantages and efficiency of machines.
11. compare the power ratings of some electrical appliances.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 6
Force Motion and Energy
Learners, Students
Demonstrate how sound heat light and electricity can be transformed Demonstrate the practical and safe uses of simple machines Explain why machines are never 100percent efficient

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