EASE Module 13 All About Water

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Published on 2014 November 10th

This module discusses the distribution of the world's water.
1. discuss the distribution of the world’s water.
2. describe the water cycle as a never – ending transfer of water between the atmosphere and the surface of the earth.
3. explain how porosity and permeability affect the amount and velocity of groundwater.
4. identify the regions of groundwater.
5. explain how wells and springs form from groundwater.
6. discuss how rivers and streams develop.
7. determine the composition of ocean water.
8. discuss the importance of ocean water.
9. show that growth in population may affect consumption of freshwater on earth.

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K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 10
Earth and Space
Learners, Students
Explain the use of water from different sources in the context of daily activities

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