EASE/OHSP II - Chemistry Module 15: Changes that Matter Undergoes

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Published on 2014 November 10th

This module discusses the types of chemical change and how and when it occurs.
1. differentiate phase changes from chemical changes.
2. explain how phase changes occur.
3. cite some uses of phase changes.
4. determine the evidences of chemical changes.
5. differentiate the types of chemical changes.
6. describe some changes in the human body.
7. describe some changes in the environment.
8. explain the application of phase changes and chemical changes at home, in the
community and in industries.
9. state how these changes help improve the quality of life.

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K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 5
Learners, Students
Describe changes in properties of materials when exposed to certain conditions such as temperature or when mixed with other materials Investigate changes that happen in materials under the following conditionspresence or lack of oxygen and application of heat

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