BEAM LG Gr. 2 Module 9 – Multiplication

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Published on 2014 September 15th

This Learning guide,Identifies the parts of Multiplication
• Recite a rhyme related to the lesson.
• Use fingers/hands as counters in multiplying whole numbers.
• Visualize multiplication as repeated addition.
• Familiarize the parts of a multiplication sentence.
• Draw a conclusion that when a number is multiplied by one, the answer is the same
• Conclude that when zero is multiplied by a number, the result is zero.
• Multiply 1 to 2-digit by 1-digit numbers mentally, with and without regrouping.
• Find the product using the number line and an array.
• Trace the path in a maze using the skills in multiplying whole numbers.
• Play a game, "Slides and Ladders" applying the skills in multiplying whole numbers.
• Form a word by answering the given multiplication sentences.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 2
Numbers and Number Sense
Educators, Learners, Students
Multiplies mentally 2345 and 10 using appropriate strategies Solves routine and nonroutine problems involving multiplication of whole numbers including money using appropriate problem solving strategies and tools

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