BEAM LG Gr.1 Module 2- Sets of Whole Numbers

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Published on 2014 September 8th

organization and relationship between the concepts and there are activities related to Sets and Whole numbers.
Learners are expected to :
1. compare sets
2. Tell relationship of numbers
3. Order numbers
4. Associate numbers with sets
5. count numbers though 50
6. read and write numbers from 0-10 in symbols

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Numbers and Number Sense
Educators, Learners, Students
Visualizes and represents numbers from 0 to 100 using a variety of materials. - - - - - - - - Renames numbers into tens and ones Visualizes represents and compares numbers up to 100 using relation symbols Visualizes represents and orders numbers up to 100 in increasing or decreasing order Identifies the 1st 2nd 3rd up to 10th object in a given set from a given point of reference Reads and writes ordinal numbers 1st 2nd 3rd up to 10th Recognizes and compares coins and bills up to php100 and their notations

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