Viewfinder: up front [ESL]

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Published on 2016 August 24th

This is an interactive web-based tool. It helps develop student's skills in exploring visual perspectives of solids such as cylinders, cones and cuboids, matching a 2D photo of a group of 3D objects taken from a different viewpoint and identifying the relative positions of the solids by comparing 2D outlines and colours and rearranging the objects on a base grid until the view matches the original photo.
Students interpret and visualise 2D representations of 3D objects.
Students place objects to make 3D models from plans and projections.
Students translate between 2D representations and 3D objects.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 6
Visualizes and describes the different solid figures cube prism pyramid cylinder cone and sphere Illustrates the different solid figures using various concrete and pictorial models

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