Make it happen: find a dog-walker

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Published on 2014 September 5th

Honey the dog needs someone to walk her in the mornings. Create a notice to find someone to walk Honey. Include a statement, photo and important details such as contact address and phone number. Select places to put up the notice. Consider the replies to your notice when deciding who is to walk Honey. Look for the dog-walker at the locations on the map. Match captions to photos in Honey's album. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.
tudents identify the purpose and components of an advertisement by assembling a notice to find someone to walk a dog.
Students identify locations suitable to place a notice.
Students gather information by reading and listening to spoken and written messages.
Students identify a location on the map by matching the information in the message to the label.

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K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 2
listening comprehension oral language
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