Rice paper rolls: analogue

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Published on 2014 June 2nd

Help Tom and Liz make rice paper rolls. Put pictures of how they prepare the rolls in the correct sequence. Place the clocks showing on-the-quarter-hour times in order and match them to the pictures. Match the time words to the clocks. Watch Tom and Liz prepare rice paper rolls as time passes. This learning object is a one in a series of two objects.
Students read on-the-quarter-hour times on analogue clocks, and put them in the correct order.
Students read words expressing times on the quarter hour, including am and pm.
Students put familiar events represented by pictures in the correct order.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 2
Numbers and Number Sense Geometry Measurement
Tells and writes time in minutes including am and pm using analog and digital clocks Visualizes and finds the elapsed time in days Compares length in meters or centimeters Estimates and measures mass using gram or kilogram Illustrates area as a measure of how much surface is covered or occupied by a plane figure

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