Tessellate decorate: three shapes

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Published on 2014 June 2nd

Decorate a room in a house with patterns made of rhombuses, squares and equilateral triangles. Choose a part of the room to decorate. Select tessellations of rhombuses and equilateral triangles, or rhombuses, squares and equilateral triangles to make. Copy the pattern and see it cover part of the room. Finish decorating the room with two more tessellations. Create your own designs with rhombuses, squares and equilateral triangles in the play space. This learning object is one in a series of eight objects.

Students describe a tessellation as a pattern that has no gaps.
Students use right-angled triangles to create the same tessellation as one displayed in a virtual sample book.

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K to 12
Grade 1, Grade 2
Numbers and Number Sense Geometry Measurement

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