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Published on 2014 March 28th

Test how well you can gather and assess information as you track down a gorilla recently sighted near the town of Jetsam. Interview witnesses and read information from sources such as a website, advertisement and newspaper article. Notice that some of the statements may be wrong and the opinions may be biased. Choose the evidence most likely to be accurate. Rate reliability by using the SAFE test (Source, Attitude, Facts and Emotions). Identify when, where and how to find the gorilla.
Students identify features of language that signal fact and opinion, expression of emotion, and objectivity and subjectivity in texts.
Students identify the evaluative stances of a range of texts.
Students distinguish between positive and negative evaluations of people and events.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8, Grade 9
Reading Comprehension Viewing Comprehension
Differentiate facts from opinions Utilize coping reading strategies to process information in a text React to what is asserted or expressed in a text Examine biases (for or against) made by the author Discern positive and negative messages conveyed in a material viewed Summarize the contents of the material viewed Assess the relevance and worth of ideas presented in the material viewed

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