NFE Accreditation and Equivalency Learning Material: Measurement,Perimeter and Circumference

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Published on 2010 January 28th

This material is composed of activities aimed to broaden learners' knowledge of linear measurements as well as improve their skill on determining perimeter and circumference.
1. to determine the perimeter and circumference of polygons and circles
2. to learn more about linear measurements
3. to use knowledge of measurements in everyday life situations

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 5
Derives the formula for perimeter of any given figure Finds the perimeter of triangles squares rectangles parallelograms and trapezoids Shows and uses the appropriate unit of length and their abbreviation cm and m to measure a particular object Compares length in meters or centimeters Measures objects using appropriate measuring tools in m or cm Solves routine and nonroutine problems involving length Creates problems involving length mass and capacity Derives a formula in finding the circumference of a circle Finds the circumference of a circle

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