EASE Module 6 Express, Translate and Evaluate

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Published on 2010 August 16th

The module is about algebraic expressions. It specifically deals with definitions of variables, constants, and terms, simplification of numerical expressions involving exponents and grouping symbols, translation of verbal phrases into algebraic expressions, and evaluation of algebraic expressions.
Define and identify a variable, constant, term, numerical and algebraic expressions;
Translate verbal phrases to algebraic expressions and vice-versa
Simplify numerical expressions involving exponents and grouping symbols and
Evaluate algebraic expressions for given values of the variable(s) involved

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8
Patterns and Algebra
Learners, Students
Differentiates between constants andvariables in a given algebraicexpression Evaluates algebraic expressions forgiven values of the variables Illustrates rational algebraic expressions

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