English 5 Quarter 2: Journey to the Center of the Verb Strategic Intervention Material

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Published on 2022 July 4th

This SIM consists of differentiated activities focused on composing clear and coherent sentences using appropriate grammatical structures emphasizing the subject-verb agreement. This is an essential skill in creating their own sentences to paragraphs in real-life application.
This Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) is especially designed and developed to enhance the least mastered skill in the Second Quarter in English 5. Its primary purpose is to provide Grade 5 learners assistance to better understand the lesson leading to the mastery of the content and the development of the competency.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Compose clear and coherent sentences using appropriate grammatical structures: -irregular nouns and verb agreement

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Krizia Deanne Adigan (kriziaadigan) - Kanlurang Mayao Elementary School, Lucena City, Region IV-A (CALABARZON)
Department of Education - SDO Lucena City
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