The Sensory Adventures of Bitoy

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Published on 2023 May 11th

This storybook is designed to teach Grade 3 Science pupils about the functions of the sense organs of the human body. The book's primary goal is to help young learners understand how their senses function and how they work together to allow them to experience the world around them. To achieve this goal, the storybook is packed with colorful illustrations and engaging content that will capture the attention of students. The illustrations are designed to help young readers visualize the different sense organs in the human body and how they work to receive information from the environment. The content of the storybook is written in a way that is easy for young readers to comprehend. It presents the information in a manner that is both interesting and informative, allowing pupils to learn while enjoying the reading experience. Overall, this storybook provides a comprehensive and engaging approach to teaching pupils about the functions of the sense organs. It is an excellent resource for Grade 3 Science teachers who wish to enhance their students' understanding of the human body and its intricate systems.
To be able to describe the functions of the sense organs of
the human body

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K to 12
Grade 3
Living Things and Their Environment
Educators, Learners
Describe the parts and functions of the sense organs of the human body

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