Matter, Do You Really Matter?

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Published on 2022 September 21st

This material is carefully designed with you in mind. It is written ton help you learn, master, and apply the basic knowledge and skills on matter. The parts of this Self Learning Module are arranged in such a way that you will find it easy to learn about matter. The language used is chosen to help you understand better the common terms used in studying about matter and its characteristics. This Self Learning Module is about Matter and its characteristics; and so this resource material is entitled, Self Learning Module 1: Matter, Do You Really Matter?
After going through this Self Learning Module, you are expected to:
1. Describe different objects based on their characteristics.
2. Classify objects and materials as solid, liquid, and gas based on some observable characteristics. (MELC S3MT-Ih-j-4) and
3. Cite ways on how to properly store materials found at home.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Educators, Learners
Use the properties of materials whether they are useful or harmful

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Richard N. Gula
DepEd RO VIII, Plan International Philippines
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