Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics Grade 5 – Rational Numbers: Comprehension of Fractions

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Published on 2011 October 7th

Learning material on understanding the difference between similar, dissimilar, and equal fractions.
Rename dissimilar fraction to similar fractions.
Illustrate or match fractions equal to a given pair of dissimilar fractions.
Identify if two fractions are equal or not by using its cross product.
Change fractions to lowest or higher terms by making an illustration.
Estimate fraction close to 0, ½, or 1 by drawing regions and/or constructing number lines.
Appreciate things received.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Numbers and Number Sense
Visualizes and represents fractions that are equal to one and greater than one Visualizes and represents dissimilar fractions Visualizes represents and compares dissimilar fractions Visualizes represents and arranges dissimilar fractions in increasing or decreasing order Visualizes and generates equivalent fractions

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