Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 4 – Mathematics: Grade 10, Modules 33 to 36

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Published on 2022 August 30th

1. Mathematics 10- Quarter 4- Module 33: Measures of Position of Ungrouped Data. 2. Mathematics 10- Quarter 4- Module 34: Measures of Position of Grouped Data. 3. Mathematics 10- Quarter 4- Module 35: Analyzing and Interpreting Research Data. 4. Mathematics 10- Quarter 4- Module 36: Descriptive Research.
1. illustrate the following measures of position: quartile, decile, and percentile,
2. calculate a specified measure of position (e.g. 90th percentile) of a set of data;
3. interpret measures of position; and
4. solve problems involving measures of position.
5. identify the level of measurement of a variable, and
6. identify which descriptive measure is appropriate to use in analyzing data.
a. Measures of Central Tendency,
b. Measures of Dispersion or Variation, and
c. Measures of Position
7. do descriptive research using one or a combination of any of the descriptive measures discussed
in the previous module

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Statistics and Probability
Educators, Learners
Derives the formula for finding the number of combinations of n objects taken r at a time Solves problems involving probability Illustrates the following measures of position quartiles deciles and percentiles Calculates a specified measure of position eg 90th percentile of a set of data Interprets measures of position Solves problems involving measures of position Formulates statistical miniresearch Uses appropriate measures of position and other statistical methods in analyzing and interpreting research data

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