Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics Grade 6: Chapter I. Whole Numbers - Comprehension of Whole Numbers

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Published on 2011 September 28th

This is a lesson guide in elementary mathematics intended for grade 6. It contains nine lessons that focus on whole numbers dealing with the order of operations, expressions, equations, exponents and base as well as evaluation and application in word problems.
To develop in the students the ability to:
1. Follow the correct order of operations (PEMDAS Rule) when solving expressions/equations having more than one operation.
2. Apply the order of operations in solving 2 to 3 step word problems.
3. Describe answer in a complete sentence with proper units/labels

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 6
Numbers and Number Sense
Describes the exponent and the base in a number expressed in exponential notation Interprets and explains the grouping exponent multiplication division addition subtraction gemdas rule Performs two or more different operations on whole numbers with or without exponents and grouping symbols

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