How Simple Machines Help Make Work Easier and Faster

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Published on 2024 February 28th

The Learning Activity Sheet is intended to guide the learners in accomplishing activities at their own pace and time using the contextualized resources in the community.
Demonstrate how simple machines help make work easier and faster, e.g. ,lever, inclined plane, wedge, screw, wheel and axle, and pully.

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Alternative Learning System
Educators, Learners
Conduct simple experiments to test hypotheses about different life situations in the community. Apply scientific thinking skills in solving problems affecting one’s personal, family and community life.

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MA. LORENA BERNAS (MA. LORENA G. BERNAS) - Navais-Borres ES (L. Borres ES), Iloilo City, Region VI - Western Visayas
Ma. Lorena Bernas
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