Self-Learning-Modules - Quarter 1 English: Grade 2, Modules 1-5

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Published on 2022 May 16th

Contents: 1. English 2: Quarter 1 - Module 1: Classifying/Categorizing Sounds Heard (Animals, Mechanical Objects, Musical Instruments, Environmental) Classification of Loud/Soft Sounds. 2. English 2: Quarter 1 - Module 2: Recognizing the Alphabets and Words with Medial /e/. 3. English 2: Quarter 1 - Module 3: Differentiating Common Nouns from Proper Nouns. 4. English 2: Quarter 1 - Module 4: Recognizing the Use of A/An + Noun. 5. English 2: Quarter 1 - Module 5: Identifying the English Equivalent of Words in the Mother Tongue or in Filipino.
1. listen and learn to classify, identify, and recognize sounds produced by animals, musical instruments, transportation and environmental sounds.
2. classify sounds as loud and soft.
3. recognize the letters of the English and Filipino alphabets.
4. recognize words with medial /e/.
5. identify the noun/s.
6. differentiate common nouns from proper nouns.
7. recognize the use of a/an + noun.
8. use a/an with nouns correctly.
9. understand words related to self, family, school, community and concepts.
10. use these words correctly.
11. relate them to names of shapes and numbers in both Mother Tongue and English.

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K to 12
Grade 2
oral language phonics and word recognition grammar Reading Comprehension
Educators, Learners
Recognize sentences and non-sentences Recognize simple sentences

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