Non-Communicable Diseases

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Published on 2022 August 27th

This module contains the effects of non-communicable diseases on human health. This learning material is designed for you to achieve the prescribed learning competencies. Likewise, for you to be more aware of the health risk caused by non-communicable diseases. To spare you from these conditions and corresponding consequences, you will be provided with the necessary information through health promotion activities. This learning material will also guide and inform you to understand the importance of having good health and how to improved your health to have a healthy life. Instructions are given in each activity.
1. Describe the condition that contributes to diseases.
2. Analyze the causes and risk factors of non-communicable diseases.
3. Illustrate ways to reduce risk factors of non-communicable diseases.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7
Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders (Non-communicable Diseases)
Corrects myth and fallacies about non-communicable diseases

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