Conic Sections: Parabola

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Published on 2021 September 20th

This Learning Activity Sheet is a project of the DepEd CAR Regional Office through the Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) which is in response to the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum. This Learning Material is a property of the Department of Education, Cordillera Administrative Region. It aims to improve students’ performance specifically in Pre-Calculus.

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K to 12
Grade 11
Educators, Learners
Illustrate the unit circle and the relationship between the linear and angular measures of a central angle in a unit circle Convert degree measure to radian measure and vice versa Illustrate angles in standard position and coterminal angles Illustrate the different circular functions Determine the domain and range of the different circular functions Graph the six circular functions (a) amplitude, (b) period, and (c) phase shift

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