Maintain Me

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Published on 2020 November 14th

This is a Strategic Intervention Material on TLE Computer System Servicing which aids learners to plan on how to maintain computer and network systems (LO1.1.2) and identify the faulty computer and network systems (LO 1.1.3).
1. To improve the skills of learners in maintaining and repairing computer systems and networks (MRCN)
2. To serve as an additional resource for teachers and learners.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Technology and Livelihood Education
Information and Communications Technology Computer Hardware Servicing
Educators, Learners
Plan and prepare for the maintenance of computer systems and networks

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FERDINAND FRANCO (bongfra) - Nueva Vizcaya Gen. CHS, Nueva Vizcaya, Region II - Cagayan Valley
Ferdinand Franco
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