Aligned and Localized Activity Sheets in Math V

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Published on 2020 November 22nd

These activity sheets will help teachers in their daily activities in the classroom improving the performance of pupils particularly in creating word problems in Mathematics.
1. Create word problems involving GCF and LCM of two to three given numbers.
2. Create problems involving addition and/or subtraction fraction using appropriate solving strategies.
3. create problems involving division or with any other operation of fractions and whole numbers.
4. create problems involving multiplication and/or division or with any of the other operations of decimals and whole numbers including money.
5. create problems involving the addition and subtraction of decimal numbers including money.
6. create problems involving percentage, with reasonable answers.
7. create problems involving the area of a circle, with reasonable answer.
create problems involving the volume of a cube and rectangular prism in real-life situations.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Numbers and Number Sense Geometry Patterns and Algebra Measurement Statistics and Probability
Educators, Learners
Visualizes and describes solid figures

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