Surigaonon Alphabet

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Published on 2022 December 22nd

This is a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order to represent the basic sounds of a language. It has 28 letters from A to Z.
• LLKAK-Ih-3 Identify the letters of the alphabet.
• LLKAK-Ic-1 Identify the letters of ones’ given name.
• LLKAK-Ic-2 Name the beginning letters of their friends’ names, their names, their family members’ names and common things they use.
• LLKV-00-5 Name objects that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet.
• LLKH-00-3 Trace, copy, and write the letters of the alphabet.
Phonological Skills:
• MT1PA-Ici-4.1 Say the new spoken word when two or more sounds are put together.
• MT1PA-Idi-4.2 Say the new spoken syllable when two or more letters are put together.
• MT1PA-Iej-5.1 Isolate and pronounce the beginning and ending sounds of given words.
• MT1PAh-i6.1 Add or substitute individual sounds in simple words to make new words.
Book and Print Knowledge:
• MT1BPKIg-i-3.1 Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
Phonics and Word Recognition:
• MT1PWRIb-i-1.1 Give the name and sound of each letter
• MT1PWRIb-i-3.1 Write the upper and lower case letters legibly, observing proper sequence of strokes
• MT1PWRIb-i-1.2 Give the beginning letter/sound of the name of each picture.
• MT1PWRIb-i-4.1 Match words with pictures and objects.
• MT1PWRIc-i-5.1 Blend specific letters to form syllables and words.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Kindergarten, Mother Tongue
Phonological Skills Phonics and Word Recognition Oral Language G. LANGUAGE, LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (LL) : Auditory Perception and Discrimination (APD)
Educators, Learners
Differentiate a soft from a loud sound/high from low Participates actively during class sharing on familiar topics by making comments and asking questions using complete sentences/ paragraphs. Add or substitute individual sounds in simple words to make new words. Correctly spell grade level words.

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Luz Sandra R. Fernandez
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