EASE Module 1 Plane Coordinate Geometry

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Published on 2011 August 16th

This is a learning material (Module). It contains intersection of two lines, parallel and perpendicular lines. It helps develop learners' skill determining algebraically the coordinates of the point of intersection of two lines as well as defining parallel and perpendicular lines.
The learner should be able to:
1) determine the point of intersection;
2) compute for the coordinates of the intersection of two lines;
3) determine without graphing if the given lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither;
4) define algebraically parallel and perpendicular lines.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8
Patterns and Algebra
Illustrates the rectangular coordinate system and its uses Describes the graph of a linearequation in terms of its interceptsand slope Finds the equation of a line givena two points b the slope and apoint c the slope and itsintercepts Illustrates a system of linearequations in two variables Categorizes when a given systemof linear equations in two variableshas graphs that are parallelintersecting and coinciding

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