An Abakadahan han Waray

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Published on 2020 April 5th

This material will guide the teachers in teaching Mother Tongue as it contains the letters of the alphabet with its key words and key pictures. It also includes the Waray spelling and grammar rules that will help the teacher use the Waray language correctly. In this learning resource, teachers can also find different words and expressions in Waray with its synonyms as well as its equivalent words in Filipino and English. These words are classified into different categories such as greetings and polite expressions, parts of the body, things found in the classroom, common things found at home, name of animals, name of fruits, colors and quantifiers and many more.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Grammar Awareness Vocabulary and Concept Development
Use vocabulary referring to people (self, family, friends) , animals, objects, musical instruments and environment Give meanings of words through: a. realia b. picture clues c. actions or gestures Give meanings of words through: a. picture clues b. context clues Use words to describe concrete experiences. Identify and use synonyms, antonyms, homonyms (when applicable) and words with multiple meanings correctly. Identify, give the meaning of, and use compound words in sentences. Use appropriate expressions orally to introduce : a. oneself b. family c. friends d. others Identify naming words (persons, places, things, animals) a. common and proper b. noun markers Use naming words in sentences a. common and proper b. noun markers Classify naming words into persons, places, animals, and things, etc. Identify pronouns: a. personal b. possessive Use the correct pronouns in place of naming words in sentences a. personal b. possessive Use demonstrati ve pronouns in sentences. Identify pronouns with contractions .* (siya’y, tayo’y . . .) Identify the tense of the action word in the sentence Use the correct tense and time signal of an action word in a sentence Identify action words in oral and written exercises Use action words to give simple two to three-step directions. Identify describing words that refer to color, size, shape, texture, temperature and feelings in sentences. Use describing words in sentences. Give the synonyms and antonyms of describing words.

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