Learning Action Cell Materials for Selected Grade 6 Science Content Standards and Competencies: Comparing the Relative Sizes and Distances of Planets in the Solar System

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Published on 2020 March 6th

In support of Grade 6 Science teaching and learning, this compilation of materials is intended for teacher's use during Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions. It covers the following topics: 7E's of Teaching, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Reproduction of Non-Flowering Plants, Interaction Among Living Things, Simple Machines, Weather Patterns and Seasons in the Philippines, and Comparing the Relative Sizes and Differences of Planets with the Sun. These materials may serve as a guide for facilitators as they conduct LAC sessions which will enliven DepEd Order No. 35, s. 2016 which engages teachers to innovate solutions to the learning challenges children experience in the various learning areas. There are videos for specific Grade 6 Science content that can be used during LAC sessions. Session guides are provided that may be used to teach the topic or share with the teachers as their own reference material to support their content knowledge of the topics. *The attached zip file contains the compilation of Session Guide No. 8: Comparing the Relative Sizes and Distances of the Planets in the Solar System *Please follow the link provided in the External Resource Identifier to access the videos for this lesson

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K to 12
Grade 6
Earth and Space
Describe the changes on the earths surface as a result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions Enumerate what to do before during and after earthquake and volcanic eruptions Describe the different seasons in the philippines Discuss appropriate activities for specific seasons of the philippines Demonstrate rotation and revolution of the earth using a globe to explain day and night and the sequence of seasons Compare the planets of the solar system Construct a model of the solar system showing the relative sizes of the planets and their relative distances from the sun

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