Solving one step word problems involving divison of 2 to 4 digit

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Published on 2019 November 27th

This worksheet is developed and designed for use in Grade 3 for a clearer and more purposive teaching-learning of Mathematics. The worksheet addresses the felt and immediate need to have additional instructional materials in Mathematics so the teaching-learning that use Ilokano can be more purposive, clearer and better sustained.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Numbers and Number Sense
Educators, Learners
Solves routine and non-routine problems involving divisions of 2- to 4- digit numbers by 1-to 2- digit numbers without or with any of the other operations of whole numbers including money usiong appropriate probleme solving strategies and tools.

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Michelle M. Ngala
DepEd, Schools Division of Benguet
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