Financial Literacy: ALS - Learning Strand 4 Life and Career Skills (Batch 2)

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Published on 2020 February 18th

(Lifted from DM 32, s. 2019 – Financial Literacy Learning Resources) “The Department of Education (DepEd) disseminated Financial Literacy Learning Resources consisting of videos and lesson guides through the DepEd Learning Resource Portal. The learning resources focus on simple ways to save and manage one’s expenses. These were developed by the BDO Foundation (BDOF), in coordination with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and DepEd. The development of these learning resources supports the DepEd’s initiative to strengthen the integration of economic and financial literacy in basic education. The list of financial literacy learning resources with its title, learning area, grade level, competency code, and covered topics are provided. Everyone is encouraged to use the said learning resources for the training of teachers, and non-teaching personnel and for classroom instruction.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Assess one’s personal strengths /attributes
/assets/limitation/interests as a potential
employee Appreciate the importance of planning for life
and career development Demonstrate knowledge of themselves: their
relationships with others, their skills, their
educational plans, future dreams, their and
predictions for the future to develop life and
career plans that include short- and long-term
goals Determine and planning one’s employment
career options/pathways Identify possible carrer options aligned with
one’s interest/strengths/assets Analyze job and wage employment
opportunities in the community, province,
region, country and overseas Match personal skills and interests with
available jobs Establish career goals Identify competency requirements for different
career options Determine pathways to acquire competency
requirements of identified career options Develop a career pathway map Utilize resources for exploring occupational
alternatives Track progress in achieving career goals Maintain a career portfolio to develop lifelong
career plans Identify possible future trends for life and
career planning Determine the advantages and disadvantages
of earning a living through wage employment Identify role models among the wage employed Demonstrate the following work readiness
skills Discuss the rights and responsibilities of
employees and employers Appreciate the need for constant upgrading of
your knowledge and skills to maintain one’s
ability to earn a living as an employee Demonstrate knowledge of how their
experiences and decisions have already
influenced thier lives and will affect their lives
in the future. Be aware of the influence of social and
economic coditions on future choices Demonstrate a knowledge of entrepreneurial

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