You Are Special To Me (Special Product: Square of a Binomial)

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Published on 2020 February 20th

This strategic intervention material (SIM) is used to make the teaching-learning process more interesting and meaningful through varied activities. It is supposed to bridge the gaps in the achievement of educational goals: learning the concepts and mastering the skills.
The learners are able to:
1. double the product of two terms
2. square a monomial
3. give the rule in finding the product of the square of a binomial; and
4. find the product of the square of a binomial

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7
Patterns and Algebra
Educators, Learners
Adds and subtracts polynomials

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Florentino Aban Jr. (florentino) - Bagabag NHS, Nueva Vizcaya, Region II - Cagayan Valley
Florentino A. Aban, Jr.
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