Formative/Summative Assessment in Grade 7: Geometry

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Published on 2019 March 5th

This formative/summative assessment provides a valid and reliable test in geometry. Its primary purpose is to provide teachers and students an easy and accessible tool to measure the learnings of students.
1. represents point, line and plane using concrete and pictorial models.
2. illustrates subsets of a line.
3. classifies the different kinds of angles.
4. derives relationships of geometric figures using measurements and by inductive reasoning; supplementary angles, complementary angles, congruent angles, vertical angles, adjacent angles, linear pairs, perpendicular lines, and parallel lines.
5. derives relationships among angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal using measurement and by inductive reasoning.
6. illustrates polygons: (a) convexity; (b) angles; and (c) sides.
7. illustrates a circle and the terms related to it: radius, diameter chord, center, arc, chord, central angle, and inscribed angle.
8. constructs triangles, squares, rectangles, regular pentagons, and regular hexagons.
9. solves problems involving sides and angles of polygon.

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K to 12
Grade 7
Educators, Learners
Represents point line and plane using concrete and pictorial models Classifies the different kinds of angles Solves problems involving sides and angles of a polygon

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